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Rent Sports Equipment Effortlessly with BoardMeMore

These girls want the world board more! Or more correctly, they are creating a sports equipment rental platform where private individuals can rent their equipment to each other (P2P).

Just before the new year, BoardMeMore took a debut in the Alter State Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint. The project received huge support from the jury, and the BoardMeMore team took second place in the sprint.

We love to see this project growing and get a real dose of inspiration from the co-founder of BoardMeMore - Julija. Find out how the BoardMeMore team will make sports enthusiasts' life easier with a smart sports equipment rental system.

What is BoardMeMore?

BoardMeMore is an early-stage startup founded by the two passionate women entrepreneurs that are now developing a marketplace for sports equipment rental where people can rent equipment from each other.

BoardMeMore team

Why does the world need such a solution as BoardMeMore?

There are far too many unused things in our wardrobes, cellars, and garages. According to Greenpeace statistics, we buy an average of 60 clothing items a year, 40-80 % of which are unused and gather dust in the wardrobe.

Speaking about sports equipment such as skis, water sports equipment, tents and folding boats, professionals use it regularly, but sports-fans normally use it just a few times a year.

From personal experience, I have faced the problem of traveling all over the city to rent equipment because there is no system to find items for rent from people who are closer to them.

The aforementioned facts made us start thinking about the most proper solution to this situation. Can you imagine if you were able to rent these products instead of buying them? First of all, it would be cheaper for the consumer, and secondly, more sustainable for the environment. Also, if you rent from your peers, it's even easier and more accessible! Here is where the BoardMeMore idea was born.

How do you continue growing BoardMeMore after the Alter State sprint?

There are a few essential elements that help us grow. After the Alter State, we started having regular meetings with my partner, a second co-founder Kasia, once per week. Our team from the Alter State sprint is also very supportive and is ready to help once we have defined more concrete steps.

We were fortunate that our mentor from the sprint, Dirk Ploss, agreed to advise us further. He made some great introductions to his network and guided us through some important aspects that need to be considered when building a startup.

As our idea also aims for Sustainable Development Goals, we were suggested to join the +impact platform that connects impact startups and investors who are based or active in the Nordics.

Recently we started looking for a third co-founder that has a technical background. We interviewed several potential candidates that at some point we're thinking about a similar platform and, therefore, were very interested in joining our team.


Present your incredible team members who stand behind the BoardMeMore

At the moment, it's me, Kasia, the original co-founders of BoardMeMore, also Vilma and Elze, who joined us after the Alter State Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint. The split between responsibilities and functions comes quite naturally.

Kasia's background is architecture, so she's the first to take care of more creative tasks, visual content, branding, etc. I (Julija) have more business development and entrepreneurship experience, so I help with the business plan and partnerships.

Vilma and Elze are not actively involved yet. Once we have a more defined strategy, they will hopefully help us with expansion in Lithuania.

Can you share the main issues your team is facing at the moment?

Currently, the biggest issue is time as both Kasia and I have full-time jobs and Boardmemore is still a side hustle that we are both very passionate about.

Thus, the tight timing limits our abilities and causes some threats that we will not be able to present the product to the market as fast as we initially planned.

BoardMeMore team

Tell us your future ambitions

Our near ambitions are to launch MVP this summer. And, of course, at some point, we would love to become the Airbnb-type platform for sports equipment rent globally.

We genuinely believe that this platform will help solve many issues when people travel and want to rent sports equipment in any part of the world.

Any tips for current or future women entrepreneurs?

I personally think that the most important is to be passionate about what we do. It really helps you keep moving forward and find the necessary motivation to grow.

Another crucial thing is finding the right mentor. Whether through professional contacts, peers, or friends who have successfully made the entrepreneurial leap. The mentor plays a massive role, especially when you're just starting your business. It can help avoid unnecessary mistakes, better understand current or following business processes, and form your future ambitions.

Visit BoardMeMore social media channels:

Thank you for your answers, Julija!

Interviewer: Kristina Kirkliauskaite

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