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Proper Creativity Methods - A Goldmine of Innovation Process

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

We face creativity every day. Either we dream at night or make strategic decisions at work. Creativity can be described as a process of producing or recognizing ideas, alternatives or opportunities that might be valuable in problem-solving, entertaining and communicating with others.

Implementing creativity in the right can help to bring the most value within your personal and professional tasks. Alter State is here to show you the proper creativity techniques that can boost any innovation process to the fullest. On September 23rd, we organized our third Masterclass dedicated to one and only - Creativity. The session is OPEN TO EVERYONE.

Read the piece below to understand the value of creativity within the innovation process. Also, get to know what creativity implementation tools can bring the most benefit to any innovation process. Have a look at what Alter State has prepared you during the upcoming Creativity Session.

Ways to benefit from Creativity

People tend to forget creativity is in each of us. Whether you're a professional painter or dedicate your time to programming. Magic hiding behind - creativity is also a muscle that can be trained to expand people's abilities to make decisions or express through art.

Second-guessing what benefits creativity brings? Have a glance at the core areas where creativity helps to bloom to the fullest:

  • Accelerate problem-solving skills. We could always expect to face some challenges or obstacles while executing various tasks and projects. Lucky ones are those who use creative habits within such problem-solving. Creativity helps expand the solution field, think about diverse situations and choose the right option to solve a problem, avoiding stress.

  • Provides a sense of freedom. Creativity is the safest area to try out new ideas, takes risks and cross our inner boundaries in a healthy, releasing way. Creative methods may let us engage with different life spheres without judging ourselves - just having fun.

  • Helps to avoid needless stress. Whether you are building a rocket or preparing for the job interview, stress can become your uninvited guest. By exploring different creativity tools or implementing creative processes, we experience a unique self-time. Creativity is meditative, helping us to use our minds and energy on activities that brings happiness.

Core elements of Creativity

Earlier in the text, we have mentioned that Creativity is also a muscle, meaning it can be enhanced with practice. Creativity practices can be easily implemented daily.

Hence, we present the four core ways in which you can train your Creativity muscles:

  • Quantity. The most effective way to strengthen your creative skills is to create a lot. People tend to think that some ideas are silly or not worth being shared, but they are wrong. If you have a specific task, try to write down as many ideas as possible, or if you are playing with your imagination - think a lot of variations.

  • Variety. Once you created a long list of ideas, categorize them, e.g., you are making a new design for a teacup. Then you divide your ideas into categories such as cups for kids, comfortable-to-use, artistic, etc. Check which ideas form the biggest and smallest groups, then try to fill up the classes with fewer ideas' numbers.

  • Unique. Do you want to produce the most fantastic idea? Avoid self-editing at a very early stage of creation. Unique ideas are waiting to be transformed from the simplest ones. Gather as many various ideas as possible and then analyze which ideas can be improved or joined with others.

  • Elaboration. If you seek the most creative results, remember that innovative ideas are born in silence, but the best ones come out while working together. Share your ideas with other, ask for opinion and discuss. The beauty is that elaboration can turn the weirdest thought into an idea gem.

Learn all gems & secrets of successful Creativity in the upcoming Alter State Masterclass!

On September 23rd, together with promising women innovators, we will practically learn about Creativity techniques during the third Alter State Masterclass, a part of the 5-month Women Innovation Program.

The 1.5-hour Masterclass will be divided into three parts: presentation given by international speaker + Q&A, Creativity-focused theoretical and practical sessions.

In this program, we focus on providing international collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities between participants while working on challenges addressing Sustainable Development Goals, such as future of energy, future of healthcare, future of education and future of cities & mobility.

Registration for the Alter State Women Innovation Program has started. Although the program is tailored for future and experienced women innovators, EVERYONE is welcome to apply now!

Written by Kristina Kirkliauskaite

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