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Passion for LinkedIn that Paid Off: Founder’s story of Kotryna Kurt

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

The most inspiring founder stories come from the founders who share their personal experience in starting their businesses! That is why we are thrilled to introduce Kotryna Kurt, the CEO & Co-founder at Linkedist - professional consulting services ready to help people & businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn.

We had a great pleasure to talk with Kotryna, who shared her story about preparing and kicking-off with Linkedist and gave several golden tips for future female founders.

Please introduce yourself & tell us what you do

In simple words - I am a content creator, LinkedIn geek, Linkedist co-founder, and a passionate public speaker. As my daily job, I mainly run our consultancy business, communicate with our clients, and create content.

In my spare time, I am a freshly baked wakeboarder and challenge-hunter. Suppose we are talking about my other hobbies. In that case, I do enjoy a good book, and especially this year, I have been mastering my reading habits.

Kotryna Kurt

Share your business behind-story. Did it start with your personal story?

I always knew I wanted to have my own business. Although, I just never knew what kind of business it could be.

More than half a year ago, I met Giedre Pociute. We simply clicked because of similar purposes and dreams.

That is why we started to work on Linkedist: preparing the website, finalizing our vision, mission, and deciding our future working processes. After half of the year, we quit our jobs and fully started to work on Linkedist.

It was a crazy ride ever since then. And the funny thing is that we only got connected because of LinkedIn! Both Giedre and I worked with LinkedIn at different companies, so we took that experience and started a niche business - LinkedIn consulting company.

Additionally, you can check the video, where we, together with Zivile Einikyte, the Co-founder at Alter State, talked about my founder’s story -

What keeps you passionate about what you do?

I enjoy and feel real fulfillment when I see people or companies succeeding with LinkedIn. Whether it is reaching their KPIs, getting clients, or getting a new job, I feel warm inside because I know I have helped someone get closer to where they want to be. Educating and helping others is a real catalyst for growth and my eternal motivation source.

What is the biggest highlight of having your own business?

The most excellent highlight would be that you get to choose which projects you will be working with, so it is never dull.

There will always be things you have to do without saying, which are not necessarily the most pleasant ones. Even though you run your own business, things have to be done because of general laws or specific administrational processes—anyway, the one thing that will always stay up to you - projects.

What is the main lesson you have learned after starting a business?

Talking from my personal experience, I would say you have to be your motivation source and surround yourself with people, who support you, and want to succeed. This alone might determine your startup journey and path.

Kotryna Kurt

Have you ever faced gender stereotypes for being a female business founder?

To be honest, we, as female founders, had to prove ourselves many times. We are also relatively young consultants, bringing even more significant attention from others, questioning our work & service quality.

For the mentioned reasons, sometimes, we have to brace ourselves for the first 10 call minutes clouded by skepticism. And usually, after the conversation with us, all the potential client gender or doubt disappear. In the end - all it matters is delivered value, not genders.

Can you give 1-3 golden rules for future female business founders?

For the future female founders, I would definitely give three very simple, but super essential tips:

  • Trust your own gut and unfriend your self-doubt

  • Be your own biggest cheerleader

  • Surround yourself with people who wish you the best

Thank you for the interview, Kotryna!

Feel free to connect or follow Kotryna’s journey on: LinkedIn: Kotryna Kurt Instagram: Kotryna Kurt

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