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Awesome Alter State Interview with Girls Are Awesome

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Alter State is more than excited to introduce our dear community friend & partner - Girls Are Awesome, which genuinely supports our Alter State Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint initiative.

We had the great pleasure talking with Nick Bridge, the Creative Director at Girls Are Awesome, an international community, brand & agency of makers & doers based in Copenhagen and Stockholm, with collaborators & fam from Accra to L.A.

Throughout the interview, Nick talked about the idea behind the Girls Are Awesome. It is important to dive deeper into the Gender-equality question and support any programs or events that are dedicated to gathering tech-spirited women, educating, and helping their dreams come true.

Image author: Girls Are Awesome

Tell us, what is Girls Are Awesome?

Girls Are Awesome is a Community, Brand, and Impact Agency. We create and collaborate on projects that elevate role models and increase female representation.

Our work aims to accelerate progress towards the fifth and seventeenth goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development. The fifth one is dedicated to Gender Equality, and the seventeenth - to Partnerships for the Goals.

How has the journey of Girls Are Awesome started?

Girls Are Awesome was founded by two childhood friends, Nick & Danny, who wanted to create a world where their daughters could have the same opportunities as their sons. They wanted to create a platform to showcase female role models. The platform has matured into what it is today.

What is your key mission?

Our mission is to elevate women, build communities, and create futures. We want to create a genuinely global community that fosters change and shapes the direction of female representation.

We want to design desirable products and experiences that influence consumers to think, feel, and act keenly at the most exciting and ordinary moments in their lives. We want to catalyze companies and organizations towards creating effective change for female representation through business.

Why is it super important to empower women in tech? And what are the main challenges?

It’s vital for the prosperity and progress of companies, organizations, and society to harvest a diversity of perspectives to the simple and complex problems we face daily.

When only half of your users or customers are considered in the output, you’re only unlocking half the opportunity.

Image author: Girls Are Awesome

Why should people join the Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint & similar initiatives?

We believe the power of the community hugely outweighs the sum of its members. Being a part of inclusive spaces and events where individual's voices are amplified, knowledge and experiences are shared, and progress on any given topic is made is a win for the world.

In the end, we are all just a collection of our shared experiences, whether it's through communities, events, companies, or communities.

What do you think - why is it so necessary to support each other's initiatives?

Collaboration has always been a massive part of Girls Are Awesome and how we operate. We try hard to avoid suffering from the curse of perceived knowledge. New perspectives are vital for progress.

The possibility of reaching beyond one's network is always attractive, meeting new people, and having the chance to speak about what we're about and learn what our partners and their communities are about.

In your opinion, how will the "world of women in tech" look like in ten years?

Great question. You would know much better than we would - but I dream of a world where tech is not a male-dominated culture. That university entry into STEM topics is more equally shared across genders. Girls are encouraged into STEM topics in school.

Unfortunately, the bias starts young, but there is a vast potential in every single girl out there to be what she wants, so let's work to lower and eliminate the barriers!

Thank you for the interview, Nick!

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This article was updated on February 6, 2021.

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