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Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint: What to Expect?

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

We’re counting days until the beginning of the Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint! Despite waiting, it is notable for reminding our present participants and people. They will register why this innovation sprint is so exciting!

Let’s have a more in-depth glance at the 3-week sprint program, mentors, speakers, 2,500 EUR award & mentorship package from our partners for the best innovative idea, and in general - what to expect before, during & after the innovation sprint?

Image Author: John Schnobrich

Good start means halfway to success or more about the Ist Sprint session

The beginning of the innovative journey is highlighted by the engaging opening event on November 19th. During this promising Thursday, the selected teams will have an opportunity to introduce each other and also discuss their chosen topics for the sprint. Moreover, teams will meet some of the sprint mentors. Additionally, through the opening event, we will have a special guest to give an inspiring speech and, of course, present more details about the upcoming 3-week program.

The next evening, November 20th will start the Ist Sprint session, dedicated to business idea development & idea generation. Throughout this Friday evening, we will have innovation training, identify methods and key tools for challenges. With the help and support of our professional mentors, you will work on your challenges.

What Does the period between Ist and 2nd sessions look like?

During the period between Ist and 2nd sprint sessions, the sprint participants will work on their first prototype. The Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint is not a hackathon. Instead of the usual 48-hour period, you will have the full luxury of 336 hours, or in other words, 2 weeks, to work on your first prototype at your convenience. Also, during this time, you will have one status update with your mentor.

2nd session of the Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint

December 4th will begin the 2nd Sprint session, which will be dedicated to the business model & sales pitch. During this session, teams will participate in innovation training, which will cover the business model development and sales pitch preparation. The sprint outcome will be an updated prototype and sales pitch presentation. At the end of the 2nd Sprint session, 10 of the most promising teams will be selected to go to the finals.

Image author: Marvin Meyer

The finals of the Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint

December 10th will be the final day of our innovation sprint. The selected and most promising 10 teams will present their sales pitch presentations in front of the venture capitalist and stakeholders jury. According to the jury votes, 3 teams will be selected as the Nordic-Baltic Women Innovation Sprint winners.

Of course, our winning teams will be awarded fabulous prizes, powered by Ignitis Group, Rockit, and Future Leadership. Starting with the 2.500 EUR Grand prize to the 1st place team + mentorship package from our partners, 1.800 EUR Silver prize to the 2nd place winners + mentorship package from our partners, and 1000 EUR for the Bronze winners + information package from our partners. Additionally, one talent team from sprint participants will receive the special prize by PeopleLink.

What to expect within a program?

Little by little, our participants will master various innovation processes and their tools. Also, participating teams will have a chance to meet the professional and inspiring business experts, expand their network & make creative prototypes for the chosen solution.

This innovation sprint also brings a unique opportunity to work on real-life sustainability challenges, practice your leadership skills, enhance your creativity, polish your multi-functional teamwork. In the end, it is mandatory to have fun while working on your challenges!

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It is time to alter your state

Alter state is a community of fearless women who gather to learn and collaborate as we make breakthrough ideas and change society as we know it. 

Written by Kristina Kirkliauskaite

This article was updated on February 6, 2021.

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