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You become a part of a growing worldwide women innovators network, making the change you want to see in the world. And your journey with us starts with a two week online programme. You learn. You grow. And you become a member who helps others grow further.


Two afternoon long online design sprints. The aim of it will be to focus on one challenge at a time taking multiple teams through the process of idea development, prototype building & testing, business model development and sales pitch with intensive methodology training and mentoring throughout.

OPENING EVENT | Team members and mentors get together event

Team members and mentors get together event As a team will be formed by women who don’t know each other there will be the opportunity to introduce yourselves to each other, find out motivation, competences and agree on some team rules regarding how to work during the program. As well as your idea owner will have the opportunity to present the idea and you will all meet your team mentor.


SPRINT 1 | define & ideate

Business idea development and idea generation. 
During this sprint a team will identify the challenges of their customers and will choose the one they want to solve in their project. Later they will generate different ideas on how to do it.  The sprint outcome will be a customer challenge and the solution to it


In between - mentorship time.  In between the sprints team will work with their mentors and will further validate their challenge gaining deeper empathy with their customers and developing their idea prototype. The result will be the first version of the prototype.

SPRINT 2 | business model & sales pitch

Prototype building & testing, business model development and sales pitch preparation.

During this sprint a team will work on their business model and sales pitch presentation. At the end of this sprint they will prepare the final sales presentation of their idea. The sprint outcome will be an updated prototype and sales pitch presentation.

After the sprint - community and networking time. After the sprint we will encourage state members to develop further cooperation and idea sharing by building a community. We will also encourage teams to work on their projects by providing further mentorship.

FINAL | The shortlist of 10 teams will make their live sales pitch presentations

After Sprint 2, we will have a shortlist of 10 teams who will get the highest scores and will go to the FINAL. During the Final these teams will present their solutions to the venture capitalist and stakeholders jury.




you get


A bespoke programme for innovation training with unique methodology.


Connections with industry professionals and mentors dedicated to startup development.


Exclusive access to our alumni and mentors network.


Ongoing business idea or startup development support


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